“Two “thumbs up” for Teach for Life as it will give practical tools to school administrators and educators to co-create safe and enriching academic, social, and emotional learning environments.”
Owen Tamamoto
Attorney Advocate for social & emotional learning in schools and guest presenter at Hawaii schools
“I am so grateful to have come upon the Teach for Life-NVC Educators Institute I have felt renewed and supported both in my personal and professional life.

For Montessori Professionals this training is a perfect extension of our Peace Education curriculum. For all educators working in any system anywhere in the world, this Institute provides invaluable training.”
-Wanda Whitehead, Director of Casa Di Mir Montessori
San Jose, California
“I strongly recommend Teach for Life! as a component to any educator’s professional development plan. The workshop has served our school by helping me develop and cultivate skills that foster communication and deepen relationships with faculty, staff, and parents. My ability to move the school forward has been greatly enhanced by my experience.”
Kendra Toth, Director of Mountain Mahogany School
Albuquerque, New Mexico