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Admin Staff Stealing: Q&A



I'm pretty sure one of my admin staff is stealing cash from the practice.  What do I do?

Dr. G


Dr. G, this is a common question/complaint/suspicion I hear from clients.  The answer really depends on what you would like to accomplish.  My inclination would be to recommend you terminate this individual for cause.  However, oftentimes I have clients who are hesitant to terminate.  We should discuss your intentions and the specific circumstances and then devise a strategy. 

In general, be sure to keep an up to date file on each employee, documenting improper conduct at the time it happens, and addressing such activity with the employee.  Further, you should have policies and procedures in place, including an employee handbook and contracts, that define proper and improper conduct at the practice.  Stealing is a clear "wrong", but there may be other acts or omissions that are not as clear cut as stealing that you may want categorized as "misconduct" resulting in suspension or termination, i.e., excessive minimal lateness.  Without defined policies, how are your employees to know what is accepted when an activity is not a clear, defined "wrong"?

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