The Difference Between Actors Who Work and Actors Who Don’t

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I realize that this blog might come off a bit mean.

I do not intend for it to… its just I want to use this scenario as a teaching tool to help you and to serve your career.

Yesterday I was on a set with two different types of actors…

One, was an actor who works every week. He, as a Casting Director, is exactly the type of actor I love to bring in. He’s professional, prepared, on time, cleanly dressed, present, kind to others and talented.

The other actor, was someone who I was asked to bring in. He was dressed slovenly (not inappropriately, but this was the first time I met him, criticized the way the contract was prepared and talked to anyone who would listen.

Now I have worked a lot as an actor, so I could tell this second actor was nervous. Been there.

And I have compassion.

And I get it.

This is a hard, difficult business.

But bottom line… he did not leave the greatest impression.


Not because of the things I listed above, but mainly because he tried to be something he wasn’t.

Trying to be something you are not in an audition room, in a Producer’s session, on set and frankly anywhere is never a good idea.


Because the people who ARE what you are trying to act like can smell it a mile away.

This second actor was ACTING like he worked all the time and I knew from his IMDB page he doesn’t.

Myself and the room could tell.

One of my favorite phrases is “I AM WHAT I AM” and where and who I am is just fine.


Because it’s True.

It’s Authentic.

If this actor had come in and just accepted where he was at and did not try and impress everyone in the room, did the work to the best of his ability, spoke when spoken to and only talked when he had a real point or something of value to add…. Well, then the slovenly dress and the criticism of someone else’s work would have gone by the wayside.

Actors can make a lot of mistakes and jeopardize their careers without even knowing it which is why I created the Free MP3 THE TOP FIVE MISTAKES THAT ARE KILLING YOUR ACTING CAREER.

But one take away you can start with right now?

Be True to yourself and to others.

Really. It’s what we, all of us, want to see.