Industry Praise

“I’ve known Peter Pamela Rose as long as I’ve been in the business. She’s the rare actor who has figured out how to handle both the creative and business sides of her career AND she has the coaching skills to bring that knowledge to other performers as well. Truthful, useful tutelage delivered in a straightforward and practical way – exactly what many performers will find they need to achive their career goals. I recommend her highly!”
- Kirsten Walther, Agent, Cunningham, Escott, Slevin & Doherty Talent Agency
“Peter Pamela Rose is one of those rare people who has a consummate knowledge about all aspects of the business, the experience to back it up, and most of all, the ability to impart that knowledge and teach in a purely joyous way. Plus, she’s a straight shooter – no fluff, and a delight to work with.”
- Billy Serow, Agent, Abrams Artists Agency
“Peter Pamela Rose of Acting Business Boot Camp is brilliant and informative. She is ESSENTIAL to actors starting out or to actors looking to get ahead in this business!”
- David Cash, Agent, Nicolosi & Co., Inc.
“I’ve worked with Peter Pamela Rose for over 20 years. She has a keen eye and ear for spotting new talent and a superior ability to develop them. I recommend her with great enthusiasm!”
- Barbara Coleman, Agent, Innovative Artists
“Peter Pamela Rose of ACTING BUSINESS BOOT CAMP brings her many years of show business expertise to her coaching business. Her clients are lucky to benefit from her practical tips and techniques to REALISTICALLY bring their careers to the next level!”

- Jen Rudin, Casting Director, Jen Rudin Casting, New York & Los Angeles

“Peter and I have known each other longer than either of us would care to admit! Even as a young actress, Peter had a confidence and maturity well beyond her years – always bringing a fresh and unique approach to every audition. Her innate creative senses, coupled with her years of experience, add up to nothing short of a top notch cache! I recommend Peter Pamela Rose of ACTING BUSINESS BOOT CAMP with great confidence and enthusiasm. Any actor who REALLY wants to learn about this business should consider themselves lucky to be under her tutelage!”
- Maureen Kelly, Casting Director, Owner of Just Voices Casting
“Peter Pamela Rose of ACTING BUSINESS BOOT CAMP is one of the most professional people I know. She has been exposed to practically every aspect of the commercial business. Peter has worked in casting as well in managing and handling the careers of young talent. She is a working actress and has been one of my signed clients for over 15 years.”

- Jeb Bernstein, Former Agent, Paradigm

“Peter Pamela Rose and I go way back. We have survived a business that has many, many challenges. We are all works in progress – spiritually, emotionally, artistically, and professionally. As far as I can remember, Peter had been striving for this – for herself and others. Peter Pamela Rose practices what she preaches!”

- Paul Hilepo, Talent Manager, PH Entertainment Group.

“Peter Pamela rocks! Her understanding of the business of acting is unequalled. As a gifted actress and talented casting director she brings a practical application and nuances to the game that few will ever know. And her intelligence and personality are infectious. Don’t miss the opportunity to work with Peter Pamela because she’s a true game changer.”
- Robert & Michelle Colt, Founders of Inside Game
“I have known Peter Pamela Rose for over five years. Her ACTING BUSINESS BOOT CAMP Intensives – which I have been an attendee and a speaker – is an indispensible resource for anyone who REALLY wants to know what it takes to be a WORKING actor.”
- Mark Strong, Former Executive Vice-President, McCann Erickson Advertising Agency